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Fast Radios Is In The News with their outstanding commercial 2 way radio expertise and product line - offering their customers a Free Trial on any commercial two way radio and a Four-year Warranty on all their business two way radios.

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Fast Radios Introduces ROIP -
Fast Radios, a leader in the commercial two-way radio industry, introduces 2-way radios over internet (RoIP), which allows users to talk via portable two way radios to locations ten miles, hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles away!

Fast Radios Announces Publication of Two Way Radio Guide for Commercial Customers - Fast Radios, an industry leader in commercial two-way radios, announces the publication of "The Little Green Radio Book: A Guide to Everything You Need to Know to Buy, Operate and Care for Two Way Radios."

USALuge - Fast Radios has become the Official Sponsor for USA Luge! Fast Radios now provides the appropriate commercial two way radio equipment and support for USA Luge.

Fast Radios: Offers Trade-In Credit for Old 2 Way Radios - Fast Radios will help you replace your old two-way radios with new units by giving you trade-in credit for your old two way radio units.

Fast Radios, Leader of Two Way Radios, Announces A Website Facelift - Fast announces their new look on the web! The website’s “facelift” includes a cleaner user-friendly site design and features information, articles and resources for visitors to get their two way radio questions answered from 2 way radio experts.

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