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1. Will 2 way radios be primarily used:

2. Two-way radios must cover:

3. What type building will two way radios be used in:

4. What type terrain (if used primarily outside) will radios be used in:

5. How many people need to be in communications:

6. Can your radio users be subdivided into groups (for example maintenance department is one group, shipping department is another group, managers another group, manufacturing another group, etc)?

7. Please comment on any special features that might be important. For example: Private Call, Group Call , All Call and Emergency Call, encryption, being able to listen for traffic on more than one channel, talking with radio users at another location, special safety features like a man down alarm or certified intrinsically safe for working around flammable or explosive materials, etc.

8. Are you currently using two way radios?

If you answered yes to the previous question:

9. How many radios are you currently using?

10. What brand and model 2 way radio are you using?

11. Please comment on any significant problems you are having with your existing two way radios

12. What special features are you using currently?

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