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FREE TRIAL on 2 Way Radio Equipment

Our customers tell us the opportunity to test new radios 2 way equipment at their location under our Free Trial program is very valuable. They say it's a great help in their decision making process.

Here are 2 ways you can get your Free Trial on radios two way started:
  • Call our Help Desk now at 800-691-3970 for your two way radio Free Trial

  • Complete the form below and click SUBMIT. One of our 2 way radio specialists will contact you within 24 hours!

Two Way Radio FREE TRIAL Form:

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IMPORTANT: Please respond to each question and check all that apply:
  1. To be successful, the two way radios must cover range:
  2. 500ft 1,000 ft 1/2 mile 1 mile 2-3 miles 3+ miles
  3. Your facility is:
  4. 1 story 2 stories 3+ stories Multiple buildings
  5. Your budget per radio to solve your problem (with any necessary accessories) is:
  6. $200/radio $250-$300/radio $300-$450/radio
  7. Your monthly budget to lease the 2 way radio equipment - with $1 buy-out option is:
  8. $30-$50/mo. $50-$100/mo. $100-$150/mo. $150-$200/mo.
  9. Do you currently use two way radios:
  10. No Yes
  11. Are you the authorized decision-maker for purchases for your business/organization?
  12. No Yes

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