IDAS - Icom Digital Advanced System

IDAS is Icom America's digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN common air interface. IDAS offers a complete system of handheld radios, mobile radios, repeaters, network interface/trunking controller, remote communicator and various accessories. IDAS is a complete digital solution that system owners and managers can grow into as their own time and budgets allow.

IC-F3161D and IC-F4161D Digital Two Way Radios

  • Meets FCC narrow band requirements effective the end of December 2012
  • Both LTR Trunking and Conventional Operation
  • Can be used in IDAS Digital Multi-site and single-site wide area systems
  • Full 5 watts of Transmit Power - the most allowed
  • Exceptional Military-Tough Durability
  • Full Dot-Matrix LCD
  • Both Analog and Digital Operation
  • Three-Year Warranty included
  • Order your Fast 4161 Digital Two Way Radio Free Trial Now!

All Fast 4161 Digital Two Way Radios INCLUDE a Three-Year Radio Warranty

Fast 4161s Digital Two-way Radio
$ Call for details
(No Keypad)


F-3161DS - 5w VHF (146-174 MHz) no keypad
F-4161DS - 5w UHF (400-512 MHz) no keypad
F-3161DT - 5w VHF (146-174 MHz) full keypad
F-4161DT - 5w UHF (400-512 MHz) full keypad

Includes radio, antenna, 2000 mAh long-life Li-Ion battery, desktop rapid rate charger, belt clip, programming Three-year Warranty.

Dimensions: 5 11/32" H x 2 3/32" W x 1 17/32" D
Weight: 12.0 oz. w/2000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery


The radio comes with the BP-232N 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack as standard and the BC-160/BC-145 rapid charger and adapter. Lithium-Ion is the newest battery chemistry in two-way radios. They are not sensitive to "memory burn" like other batteries, they last longer between charges and are very light weight.

The 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery provides around 12 to 14 hours of operating time between charges.


The radio is approved to the following:
  • low pressure (high altitude) storage and operation,
  • low temperature and high temperature storage and operation,
  • temperature shock,
  • solar radiation,
  • blowing and dripping rain,
  • salt fog,
  • blowing dust,
  • vibration and shock (drop).
  • Dust protection and water jet resistance equivalent to IP55.

Fast 4161t Digital Two-way Radio
$ Call for details
(Full Keypad)


Can receive both analog and digital signals on a single channel allowing you to gradually introduce digital radios to your analog radio system. Cost efficient way to obtain the next generation in two way radio technology while protecting your current system investment. Meets the new FCC narrow band requirements effective the end of December 2012 and goes beyond to 6.25 kHz "very narrowband" channel spacing.


  • 6.25 kHz channel spacing
  • MDC 1200 Compatible
  • PTT ID
  • Selective Call
  • Group Call
  • Radio ID with alias name
  • Emergency Call
  • Lone Worker
  • Remote Radio Monitor
  • GPS Position Reporting
  • Data Communication
  • Radio Stun, Kill & Revive
  • Man Down (uses 2nd option slot)
  • Voice Inversion Scrambler for privacy (uses 2nd option slot)

Pricing Options:

Only $ Call for details (No Keypad) or $ Call for details (Full Keypad)


Around $ Call for details per month per unit on a Lease*

36 month equipment lease with $1 buy-out*

*$1 purchase option at end of a 36 month equipment lease. Application required. A minimum $2,000 order is required to lease. An equipment lease application is subject to final credit approval. Notification of acceptance usually takes 1 or 2 business days.

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