Fast Radios Connect

FR Connect is a software-based solution that uses the internet to connect two-way radios at one location with two-way radios at another location.

FR Connect is also a solution that connects two-way radios at one location, or multiple locations, with cellular Smart Phones such as iPhone, laptop and desktop computers and personal tablets such as iPad. FR Connect is also available for many other Smart Phones, personal tablets and mobile computers.

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Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would it be helpful if you could transmit with a two-way radio at one location and receive the transmission with a two-way radio at a second location miles away?
  2. Would it help you if managers could leave the campus or facility and monitor the two-way radio traffic at the facility while away?
  3. Would you like for the staff at a campus or facility to receive instructions on their two-way radios from a manager who is away?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should
take a good look at Fast Radios Connect for your business or institution.

FR Connect uses the internet to connect two-way radios that are tens, hundreds, even thousands of miles apart - without expensive monthly repeater tower bills.

Two-way Radios and Cell Phones Together

FR Connect can even turn your cellular Smart Phone into a two-way radio - allowing you to listen to the two-way radio traffic at one or multiple locations - and transmit back - from anywhere you have service to your phone.

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