FR Connect Long-Range Push-to-Talk

  • Private or Group Push-to-Talk Across Town or Across the Country
  • IP55 dust and splash protection
  • Rugged design with stubby antenna
  • 20 Hours of operating time between charges (see details below)
  • GPS user location option with FREE tracking software

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Fantastic Value:

$ 9.93 per month per unit plus airtime
*Scroll to bottom for lease details

The Fast Radios Connect FR-300 INCLUDES one
FR Connect Portable with High Capacity Li-Ion Battery, Belt Clip,
Rapid Rate Drop-In Charger, Antenna
and 2-year Warranty.

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FR-300 Voice over Internet with Push-to-Talk

$299 each
plus monthly airtime

Fast Radios Connect FR-300:

Includes FR Connect Portable with High Capacity Li-Ion Battery, Belt Clip, Rapid Rate Drop-In Charger, Antenna and 2-year Warranty.

The 2-pin accessory jack connector allows for many audio accessory options. Most of our customers like to use either a speaker microphone, lapel microphone with ear phone or a surveillance kit. Includes manufacturer's Two-Year Warranty on the radio with additional warranty available.

Dimensions: 4.39" tall, 2.06" wide and 0.96" deep
Weight: 8.47 oz. with antenna and battery attached


The FR-300 comes with a 2800 mAh Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery as standard from Fast Radios for longer operating time.

Li-Ion batteries have virtually no memory issues, are very light weight and allow you flexible charging.

Battery Life Between Charges

The estimated battery life is 18 hours between charges - fantastic!

This estimate is based on the commonly-used Duty Cycle known as 5/5/90 where the radio is expected to be transmitting 5% of the time, receiving 5% of the time and in standby 90% of the time.

National Voice and Data Coverage


Private and Group Push-to-Talk
Across Town and Across Country
for only $24.95 per unit per month.


A complete line of speaker microphones, ear pieces, surveillance kits and headsets are available.


No repeater necessary! Check the coverage map above for approximate coverage. Perfect for two individuals or a large group to communicate with push-to-talk speed (no dialing a mobile phone) around a large campus, for schools, hotels, resorts, hospitals, business, retail stores, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, construction, warehouse and others where simple push-to-talk communications helps improve efficiency, boost productivity and increases safety.

Especially effective outside of the usual distance restrictions of conventional two-way radio.

Buy or Lease to Own

Buy for $299 per unit plus $24.95 per month per unit airtime

Lease to own with $1 Buyout at lease end. The First and Last payments are due in advance. The Minimum Transaction Size is $2,000. The Minimum Monthly Payment is $75. The documentation Fee is $125.

An equipment lease may have advantages for you over the outright purchase of the equipment. A simple lease credit application is required and approval, although not guaranteed, is usually obtained the same day application is made.

Your monthly payment to lease this equipment with $1 buyout would be approximately:

12 months $27.13 per month per unit plus airtime
24 months $13.96 per month per unit plus airtime
36 months $ 9.93 per month per unit plus airtime

*$1 purchase option at end of a 36 month equipment lease. Application required. A minimum $2,000 order is required to lease. An equipment lease application is subject to final credit approval. Notification of acceptance usually takes 1 or 2 business days.

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