Two-Way Radios With Unlimited Range

Fast Radios Introduces FR Connect: Extending Two-Way Radio Range Thousands of Miles

Naples, Florida (Oct.8, 2008) - Fast Radios, a leader in the commercial two-way radio industry, introduces 2-way radios over the internet - FR Connect - , which allows users to talk via portable two way radios to locations ten miles, hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles away!

An application is also available for your smart phone which will allow you to speak with your two-way radio users at multiple locations from your smart phone.

"Your imagination is the only limit to how this incredible new technology in two-way radios can help you boost productivity, improve safety and increase efficiency!" according to Bill Richards, Vice President of Fast Radios, Inc. "Let's say you're in California. You can now use two-way radios to talk to someone in Florida. Users can now get inexpensive coast-to-coast coverage."

The system uses two-way radios and the internet to connect users at multiple locations. Distance and terrain between the locations are irrelevant.

"This incredible new technology is very easy to use and can be used with your existing two-way radios and your smart phone," said Richards. "You get great sound quality and tremendous range without expensive repeater tower rental."

A Fast Radios Connect workstation consists of:
  • FR Connect software program (CD included) loaded on your computer
  • a FR Connect box (about the size of a hockey puck)
  • a desktop two-way radio base station and
  • the connecting cables for the base radio, FR Connect box and USB to your computer
Go to for more information and pricing and leasing options. Fast Radios carries all major commercial two-way radio brands, including ICOM, Tekk, Vertex, Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, Jobcom, Relm and Ritron.

Other exclusive offers only at Fast Radios:
  • Free Trial On All Two Way Radios: An opportunity to test new 2 way radio equipment at a location with no obligation to make a purchase.
  • Free Radio Guide: "The Little Green Radio Book" is a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know to buy, operate and care for 2 way radios!
Fast Radios has earned the trust of their business customers by providing true long-term savings in two-way radios for business. Simple, reliable and affordable two-way radio equipment with complete one-on-one customer service is why Fast Radios is a leader in the commercial two way radio business.

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