EZTraQ™ GPS Asset Tracking Device

GPS Asset Tracking
LG100: $179
LG100BT - w/Bluetooth $199
Easy, Economical and No Monthly Fees

The EZTraQ™ offers personnel and GPS asset tracking capabilities that can help bring your business operating costs down and production up!

Simply download the GPS Location Data from EZTraQ™ to your computer to review detailed mapping and activity reports.

EZTraQ™ GPS Asset Tracking Includes:

  • GPS Mapping Software
  • USB Data Cable
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Case
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger

Other Features:

  • EZTraQ™ is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!
  • Fits in your pocket or on your belt
  • Place it in your purse, computer bag, vehicle
  • No mounting required
  • Long battery life


  • Easy GPS mapping software installation
  • Improved personnel efficiency
  • Fuel & Maintenance Savings
  • Creates Safety for Insurance Discounts
  • Add Your Own Photos to Locations

EZTraQ™ GPS Tracking

 will show you the locations traveled
  • Tracking routes are clearly marked along maps with locations traveled.

EZTraQ™ GPS Tracker

 will show you the speed the vehicle was traveling
  • Excessive speed is recorded to reveal improper driving behavior. This can reduce insurance rates and company liability.

For personnel, EZTraQ™ GPS Tracker will display accurate labor hours for billing customers

  • This will verify employee work logs. The EZTraQ™ asset tracking will store up to one month of activity
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