Motorola Two Way Radio - Motorola CP200

Motorola two way radio - CP200
Get $50 Trade-in Credit
Call for details!

The CP-200 Motorola two way radio is a popular workhorse and is considered by many as the radio industry standard for quality and reliability in a basic two way radio.

But it is big, heavy and expensive!

While it is designed to military specification standard STD810F, our customers like several radios that also meet the same Military Tough standards and we offer them for our Free Trial at significant savings.

Compare the following units and you be the judge:
  • The ICOM F4001
  • The Hytera 610P
  • The Hytera 700
  • The ICOM Lite
Fast Radios Features:
  • Free programming, now and in the future, for the life of the radio
  • Free loaner radio during repairs - if you need a loaner radio we'll send you a free rental radio
  • Trade-in value of at least $25 - if you want to replace it with a new radio anytime in the future your radio can be traded in at Fast Radios for at least $25 credit toward a new radio
  • Radios include battery, angtenna, belt clip, charger and at least a 2-year warranty.

If you do not see the Motorola 2 way radio you need...
Call 1–800–691–3970 now for help in finding the Motorola 2 Way Radio that is right for your application - OR complete the FREE Online Two Way Radio Guide!

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