Two-way Radio over Internet

FR Connect Box

Talk with your portable two-way radios to locations ten miles, hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles away!

Your imagination is the only limit to how this incredible new technology in two-way radios can help you boost productivity, improve safety and increase efficiency!

Connect multiple locations with two-way radio communication. Distance and terrain between the locations are not important. Each location needs a computer with access to the internet and electrical power.

Fast Radios Connect Workstation

A Fast Radios two-way radio over internet workstation consists of

  • FR Connect software program (CD included) loaded on your computer
  • a FR Connect box (about the size of a hockey puck)
  • a desktop two-way radio base station and
  • the connecting cables for the base radio, FR Connect box and USB to your computer

FR Connect Pricing

The price is $2,495 for one FR Connect workstation.

That price includes the software, hardware, connectors, one-year warranty and one year of server use.

Approximate 36 month equipment lease payment with $1 buy-out = $94/month.

*$1 purchase option at end of a 36 month equipment lease. Application required. A minimum $1,000 order is required to lease. An equipment lease application is subject to final credit approval. Notification of acceptance usually takes 1 or 2 business days.

Put this incredible new technology to use at your facilities today! Visit our two way radio product pages for more information and details on ICOM, Tekk, Vertex, Motorola, Kenwood, Jobcom, Relm and Hytera commercial two way radios.

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