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Lapel Microphone with Acoustic Tube Lapel Microphone with Soft Earhook Lightweight Single Pad Headsetk
Lapel microphones with acoustic tube or soft ear hook, headset.
Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone
IP-54 light duty, IP-54 heavy duty and IP-68 submersible Shoulder microphones

These audio accessories let you:
  • hear better
  • talk longer
  • communicate further
  • provide more privacy
  • extend the life of your radio equipment

Two Way Radio Headset Options

Our two way radio headsets come in various shapes and sizes. Some headsets are corrosion resistant. Some headsets have noise reduction with a NRR rating of up to 24dB (24 decibels).

We also have headsets that allow clear communication beyond 85dB (85 decibels) via face to face, two-way radio or mobile phone without the need to remove hearing protection. Click the blue link above for more product details!

Two Way Radio Microphones

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    Two way radio lapel microphone
  • Ear hook lapel microphones (two wire & three wire styles)

  • Two way radio shoulder speaker microphone
  • Shoulder speaker microphones (heavy duty & light duty)

  • Two way radio waterproof microphone
  • Waterproof two way radio microphones

Two Way Radio Earpieces

earpiece - ear budearpiece - ear hook
The two way radio earpiece simply plugs into your radio and either hangs on your ear or goes into your ear.

Surveillance Kits

surveillance kits
Similar to two way radio microphones, surveillance kits come in two wire or three wire packages which can easily be concealed under clothing. Also, please see ear hook style microphone images above.

Call at 1-800-691-3970 (or complete the form below) and we will help you find the audio two way radio accessories that help you do your job better!

Two Way Batteries & Chargers - Help You Talk Longer!

We stock and sell two way radio batteries for over 1000 different radios. We sell the original equipment manufacturer’s replacement batteries as well as aftermarket batteries. The aftermarket two way radio batteries we sell are often better and less costly batteries. We can also help you with in vehicle chargers, bank chargers, solar chargers, emergency battery supplies and 220 volt chargers.

Call us at 1-800-691-3970 (or complete the form below) and we will help you find the best two way batteries and chargers for your application.

Other Two Way Radio Accessories:

repeatersAntennas and Repeaters increase the range of your two way radios

two radio antenna We custom design and build passive antennas to improve coverage in difficult-to-reach areas. We also sell a full line of repeaters to enhance and extend coverage significantly. Our “radio over internet provider” (ROIP) let’s you talk over hand held radios from coast to coast and beyond.

Holsters extend the life of your equipment two radio holsters

We sell two way radio holsters made of nylon or leather that attach with belt loops or belt clips. Your radio will last years longer and perform better when protected with a holster. By using a holster and speaker mic you do not need to remove the radio from your belt and reduce the chance of dropping or damaging your radio. Call us today at 1-800-691-3970 for pricing.

Special Two Way Radio Accessories

Most commercial grade two way radios can be equipped with special use accessories or programming that will send a message in an emergency, notify others if a worker is down, provide location information, open a remote switch or perform many other functions. Call us today and we can help you find the right accessory for your job.

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