Need a Two way Radio Rental FAST?

two way radio rentals for specific applications Two Way Radio Rental: Fast Radios rents commercial two way radios and accessories.
  • Monthly rental rates start at $3.04 per radio per day for a 1-month rental.
  • Monthly rental rates start at $1.52 per radio per day for a 2-month rental.
  • Monthly rental rates start at $1.01 per radio per day for a 3-month rental.
  • Extra batteries are available
  • 6-unit gang chargers are available
  • several types of audio accessories are available
  • Our minimum rental period is three days including shipping time.
  • Our rental radios have great audio, are durable and easy to use.
  • You may apply the rental fee to the purchase price of the radios if you decide you want to keep the radios.
  • Longer term leasing is also available for as little as $9 per unit per month for a full powered, Military Standard radio with rechargeable battery, antenna, belt clip and desk top trickle charger.
Fast Radios rental rates including long life rechargeable two way radio batteries, chargers and matching the frequencies from your existing radios or programming your rental radios to work independently.

We also rent a full line of speaker microphones, earpieces and accessories. The full amount of your rental can be applied towards the purchase if you decide to keep the equipment.

Ideal Applications for Two way Radio Rental

two way radio rental Our customer renting two way radios have included the following applications:
  • Trade shows
  • Sporting events
  • Government and corporate events
  • Factory shut-downs
  • Summer camps
  • State and county fairs
  • and many others

Fast Radios: Two way Radio Rental

Fast Radios services two way radio rentals countrywide - in all 50 states. Here's what our customers are saying:

  • "You're not only Fast Radios.......You're just plain FAST!!!"
    -- Tirzah Chase, Sierra Pacific Industries, Anderson, CA

  • "Thanks for all the great service! When you say "Serious about customer service", I believe it!!!!!!"
    -- Paul Elliott, Chief Engineer, Laurel Point Resort, Gatlinburg, TN

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Two Way Radio Rental Benefits

two way radio rental applications Two way radios can make a big difference at your special event with better communication which increases safety, improves efficiency and boosts productivity

Two way radios are the most economical way to increase safety, improve efficiency and boost productivity with easy and fast communication Let us help you find the best two way radios for your application.

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