Trade in Credit for Old Two Way Radios

two way radio trade-in credit Fast Radios Trade-in Credit:
We’ll help you replace your old two-way radios with new units by giving you credit for the old two-way radio units.

Here’s how it works:
  • You take $25 off the price per radio of your new two way radio order
  • Send us your old 2 way radios along with the battery, antenna and charger
  • Your old two way radios must be in working condition – they can be dirty and scuffed up – but they need to be operating properly in order for us to give you the $25 credit
We can only give a “one-to-one credit”.
That is, one old 2 way radio for one new 2 way radio.

For the $25 credit, the trade-in must be equal. We can not take more old units than the number of new units on your order. We can, however, take fewer old units than the number of new units you need.

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