Two Way Radios for Business

Fast Radios, a two way radio company serving customers in all 50 United States, has earned the trust of our customers by providing true long-term savings in two way radios for
  • K-12 Schools
  • Business and Industry, Manufacturing Plants
  • Public Safety Agencies, Police, Fire & EMS
  • College and University Campuses
  • Medical, Dental and Veterinary Offices
  • Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
  • Shopping Mall Security
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Construction Sites
  • Airports
  • Retail Stores and Restaurants
  • Many others

The Icom Lite is now available.
Check out this fabulous full-powered radio with a
4-Year Warranty

Looking to cut costs in these tough economic times?
Reliable two-way radios will increase efficiency, boost productivity and improve safety.

With our Equipment Lease you can put new, full powered (max allowed by FCC), military tough two-way radios into service at your location for as little as $9 per unit per month.

Lease to own new Digital Two-way Radios Monthly lease payments from $11.34 per unit to around $30.24 per unit per month.

Compare that to your cell phone or Nextel bill!

Simple, reliable and affordable two-way radio equipment with complete one-on-one customer service is why Fast Radios is a leader in the commercial two way radio business.

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Our 2 Way Radio Promise To YOU:

  • The Best Deal on Two Way Radios with the highest quality product and customer service.
  • FREE Trial on new 2 way radios (sometimes called walkie talkie) including ICOM America, Maxon, HYT America, Tekk, Kenwood, Relm, Motorola, Vertex, Ritron and two way radio accessories before you buy. You'll know how well our two-way radios and equipment work at your location before you ever pay a penny.
  • Four-Year Warranty on select featured 2way radios you purchase from Fast Radios.
  • Trade-in Credit for old radios - Trade in your old radios for credit toward new two-way radios with a warranty.
  • Shipping Guarantee - Your 2 way radio order is shipped no later than the next business day. We know how important it is to stay in communication with your staff and how frustrating it is to wait on delayed shipments.
  • Complete Upfront Pricing Our prices are for complete portable two way radio packages with chargers, batteries, belt clips, antennas, life time programming, and a full two, three or four-year factory warranty.
  • Your Own Account Manager - A single point of contact that knows you and your company and is ready to help solve your 2 way radio issues. One-on-one customer service so you'll never be stuck on the phone with any other department.
  • Our Technicians Will Match Your Existing Two-way Radio Frequencies to any two-way radio you purchase from us, guaranteeing seamless operation between old and new radios.
  • FCC Narrowbanding Requirements - Fast Radios will help you inventory your current equipment to ascertain what can be converted to 12.5 kHz and what will need to be replaced before December 2012 so you are in compliance by the deadline of January 1, 2013

Two way Radio Repair Services

  • A Free Loaner Radio, when you send your mobile radio or your portable radio to us for a two way radio repair (some restrictions apply). We won't let you be stranded without the equipment you need.
  • $149 Flat Rate Two Way Radio Repair includes shipping to and from our national repair facility on all major brand and model hand held and mobile two way radios including ICOM America, Maxon, HYT America, Tekk, Kenwood, Relm, Motorola, Vertex and Ritron 2 way radios.
  • We Have the Experience, Dedication and Availability to help solve your twoway radio problems. We don't just sell commercial 2 way radios, we provide solutions.
  • Systematic Updates to keep you informed of new technologies and new uses of existing technologies in two way radios, two-way radio battery chemistries and battery charging systems.

Two way Radio Accessories

Fast Radios is your single source for commercial two way radios and two way radio accessories for business, industry and public safety. Our full-line of two-way radio accessories includes:
  • Two way radio batteries, audio accessories like speaker microphones, two way radio headsets, antennas, twoway radio surveillance earpieces, and much more!

Two way Radio Rental

When your radio needs are short-term, Fast Radios has two way radio rental options available for weekly, monthly and even weekend rental periods. Contact Us @ 800-691-3970 for more details.

Call 1-800-691-3970 now to order your ICOM America, Maxon, HYT America, Tekk, Kenwood, Relm, Motorola, Vertex and Ritron 2way radio or to get information on all two way radio issues.

Get started now with your Free Copy of our Two Way Radio Guide, "The Little Green Radio Book", Everything you need to know to buy, own and care for two way radios.

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