2 Way Radios vs Cellular

Try This On A Cell Phone

Sometimes we hear from customers that believe cell phones might be an alternative to two way radios. They think they can combine the ability to make and receive phone calls with the walkie talkie feature that many cell phone companies now offer.

Don't get trapped!

Here are a few things you should know before you commit your company to lengthy and expensive cell phone contracts:

  1. Two way radios are easier to use. Push a button and start talking.
  2. The right two way radios will provide better reception in hard to reach areas of your property. Cell phones are prone to dead spots or areas of poor reception and transmission. Have you ever noticed how people have to go outside the mall or grocery store to make or receive a call on their cell phone?
  3. Two way radios equipped with a telephone interconnect can make and receive telephone calls through your existing telephone equipment and carrier for no additional monthly charge.
  4. You can immediate reach everyone with two way radios. Cell phones require a separate number to call each person individually. Having to call everyone individually is completely inappropriate in an emergency.
  5. Two way radios equipped with selective calling let you speak privately with one person at a time or with everyone at once. Two way radios equipped with selective calling also have a caller id display so you know who you are talking to.
  6. Two way radios (intrinsically safe versions) can be used in highly flammable or explosive areas with out fear of sparking.
  7. The man down option available on many two way radios will send a distress signal when a worker remains horizontal for more than 30 seconds.
  8. Our two way radios come with two, three and four year parts and labor warranty options. Cell phones usually have warrantees of less than one year.
  9. After several recent natural disasters, many people have learned that two way radios continue to work in an emergency when cell phones and even land lines become useless.
  10. Two way radios (properly equipped) are available for use in high noise areas, dusty, dirty or wet environments, when hands free operation is necessary, when security is paramount or covert communications are required.

Two way radios are easy to use, are loaded with options, are effective in all locations and have no monthly fee or service contract.

Try that on a cell phone.

Two-way Radios and Cell Phones Together

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