Two Way Radio Microphones

Two way radio microphones are very helpful in high noise environments. They also add convenience for the user in either high noise or low noise applications and will add years of life to your two way radios. Fast Radios has identified the microphones below as durable, easy to use and economical.

We divide two-way radio microphones on this page into two categories;
Lapel Microphones and Shoulder Microphones.

Two Way Radio Lapel Microphone Options:

Lapel Microphone Lapel microphones come in many types and styles from the high-end "Secret Service" style surveillance kits with acoustic tube earphone to the simple two-wire unit with soft ear hook shown here. They are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day.

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Two Way Radio Shoulder Microphone Options:

Shoulder microphones add years of life to your two way radio because you don’t have to remove the radio from the belt every time you use it. Therefore, there are fewer opportunities for the radio to be dropped!

Light Duty Two-way Radio Microphone This light duty shoulder microphone (also called Speaker microphone) for two-way radios is popular in offices, retail stores and medical office environments. It is comfortable and easy to wear. This unit offers excellent transmit audio as well as a powerful speaker.

Heavy Duty Two-way Radio Microphone
This heavy duty speaker microphone is water resistant. It features polyurethane cables and has an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing. The high-quality speaker and microphone elements provide clear audio on both transmit and receive. There is a large PTT (Push-To-Talk) switch and a metal reinforced clip that rotates 360°. This unit is ideal for tough environments like manufacturing, building maintenance, security teams, etc.

Waterproof Two-way Radio MicrophoneThis waterproof two way radio microphone is a favorite with fire fighters as well as those who operate in a dirty, harsh environment and want to regularly wash the speaker microphone. They are also ideal for rainy weather!

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