Why Fast Radios for Two Way Radios?

What sets Fast Radios apart:
Free Trial Program

We'll ship a pair of new two way radios to you to test at your facility for seven days with no obligation to keep them. If you already use 2 way radios and you want new radios to work with your current units, we'll program the trial two way radios to match your frequencies. If the new units do not meet or exceed your expectations, send them back with no questions asked. Print, complete and fax in the Free 2 Way Radio Trial Request Form.

Four-Year Warranty

Most two way radio companies charge you extra to extend the one or two-year warranty that usually comes with new radios. Select featured ICOM 2 way radios you buy at Fast Radios come with a Four-Year Warranty included in the price. That can add up to hundreds of dollars in price difference so when you are shopping, make sure you compare the warranty!

Free Loaner During a Repair

We will send a free loaner radio for you to use while any radio you purchased at Fast Radios is sent to us for repair. We won’t let you be stranded without the equipment you need.

Flat-rate Two Way Radio Repairs of $149

Customers have told us the fact they know the ENTIRE cost of a two way radio repair BEFORE they send the unit to our repair shop is very important to them. They know the cost is $149 per radio and that the shipping charges to and from one of our national repair facilities are included. There are no additional charges - no SURPRISES - when they receive the repair invoice.

They also like the quick turnaround. Since there is usually no need for phone calls or emails regarding estimates or changes in costs for a two way radio repair, the process goes quickly. (also, see the section on Free Loaners during repairs)

Next-day Shipping Guarantee

Unlike any other 2 way radio company, Fast Radios guarantees your order will ship the next business day or your order is free. No charge. Free Two Way Radios! That's a big-time commitment we make to you and we stand by it. Of course there are some simple restrictions. Please call our office for details.

Outstanding Customer Service

You can always find it "cheaper" somewhere else if you spend the time to do all the shopping, quoting and bidding. But you won't find our level of commitment to customer service anywhere. Ask for our list of customers who are happy to tell you what we do for them on a regular basis or read our Two Way Radio Customer Testimonials!

Here are some of the things you will hear:
  • "Fast Radios recommended two way radio equipment we were not familiar with, let us test it with no obligation, and we ended up with a solution to our problem we had never thought of."
  • "We get what our purchasing department asks for on our packing slips and invoices"
  • "When we request a quote or a two way radio repair form, we almost always receive it within an hour or so, not days or weeks later."
  • "It really helps to receive the shipping and tracking info - the shipping date and scheduled delivery date - for each order. We get that by electronic mail and it's great!"
  • "We traded in our old units and got credit toward our new units at Fast Radios. The trade-in policy made it possible for us to get all the 2 way radios we needed right away."

No Extra or "Hidden" Charges

Many two way radio companies like to show you low prices for radios in the beginning so you think you've found the best supplier. Then they start piling on the extra charges. They'll add a fee for programming your radios. It may be $15 or $20 per unit! Then they add on more for extended warranty because the price they are showing you only includes 1 year, sometimes 2 years. (see the section on our Four-year Warranty below) Sometimes they don't include the charger in the price of the radio, so you have to add it in later! Then at the end you get big shipping and handling charges at the bottom of your invoice.

Make sure you compare the total cost - after all the add-ons - before making a decision!

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